Monday, March 29, 2010

Mommy Works for Yogurt

What does the title mean, you ask? Please select one of the following answers:

a. The author is moonlighting as a yogurt wrestler

b. The author is trying to teach her 2 year old lessons about money

c. The author needs to stop referring to herself in the 3rd person

d. both b & c
If you picked answer "d", you are correct!

Although, I was thinking of a side job as a Yogurt Wrestler but the thought of wearing spandex to work was too humiliating, not to mention painful for the viewer.

When Nicolas asks me, "Why do you work, Mommy?" I explain that one works to get paid so that s/he can pay for gas, electricity, clothes, the house, "supplies", and yes, yogurt. One day I found myself abbreviating my answer to: Mommy works for yogurt.

Sing it with me, "She works hard for the yogurt, so hard for the yogurt...."
Grocery shopping today. PriceRite and Trader Joe's. As you can see from the picture, we stocked up today. I bought 24 individual containers of this dairy delight which will last us a little more than a week. I am happy the little people love yogurt. However, I wish the yogurt companies would sell the flavors the kids like in the large containers so we could save money.
Are you listening; Yoplait, Dannon, Trader Joes, etc? I feel like this is another conspiracy by the food industry. Yes, kids like things in small containers and they are convenient, but they'll also eat it if you put it in a bowl or a to-go container. Why must everything be "munchkin-ized"?

Mommy really feels like her whole paycheck goes to yogurt. Your companies are alive and thriving thanks to her and she'd like a little appreciation now and again. If you don't comply with these requests she's pulling out the spandex.


Ginny said...

Collect the coupons and you can save a few bucks. OR stock up at BJ's!!


Since you are so creative in the kitchen, is there any way that you can buy a nonfat vanilla "tub" and kick it up a notch to satisfy the little ones?

Rebecca Nero said...

Yes, Sha, that works sometimes w/ one child but not the other, LOL.