Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pink Sisters Going Viral!

I never really ask my readers to do anything for me, except well, read my blog. I always hope that it entertains or gets people to think about things they don't normally think about, like how to use a (clean) peeled maxi pad to unlock a frozen car door in a crisis. You know, the important stuff!

If you are in a hurry and don't have time to read the back story below, just click on this link and watch this video. And then, please share it with at least 10 friends!  Hint: Dancing boobs and some really hot bald chicks to inspire and entertain you! Now just watch it! It's less than 5 minutes.

Today, I'm asking for a favor on behalf of 238 women. They are all Breast Cancer survivors, warriors, and overcomers. They are great ladies ranging from 20's up to 60's. They are from the U.S, Canada, the U.K., Australia and beyond! They are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and aunties. They matter to a lot of people, including me. They are my friends. 

We are the Pink Sisters.
(Ok, this isn't exactly what we look like. However, some of us would love these outfits on any given day if we are having a really bad hair/bald day and our old clothes no longer fit us.) If you want to see the REAL PINK SISTERS, watch the video!

I met them on Facebook early on in my BC journey. It happened quite by accident when I got my iPad from my family and friends after my diagnosis. I was exploring apps that might be helpful to me and I found one called "Beyond the Shock".  It was my go to place for answers during a time when everything was so overwhelming and confusing.  From time to time, I would post a question and other ladies would answer me with their experience. What I loved about the group is that no one told you what to do or was giving medical advice. Just shared experiences and I never felt alone.

Then, a few girls on the site mentioned there was a private Facebook page called the Pink Sisters. It was more of a personal group where we could get to know each other better aside from breast cancer. So, I was added to the group by a lovely girl named Leah. Thanks Leah!

Since then, I have remained in daily contact with these girls. Being the Facebook junkie that I am, I check in with them first thing every morning, even before my morning coffee. I've gotten to know many of these ladies virtually. Some of them are from my home state but most are not. I've even Facetimed with a few and have had great laughs getting to know them.  We pray for each other when one is undergoing a surgery or scary treatment. We ask the strange questions we are afraid to ask our doctors and we don't feel so freaky. That's all I'll say about that topic. For now. The Pink Sisters just "get it"; the good, the bad, the ugly. Nothing is off limits!

So, how can you help us? Well, the Pink Sisters would LOVE to meet in person. We know that is next to impossible considering our geographical situation! But, one wise sister thought it would be a great idea to contact Ellen Degeneres to see if she would fly us out there to be on her show during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. We want to fill her audience with breast cancer survivors and their families so we embarked on a letter writing campaign and we also made this YouTube video to show the faces of breast cancer. One thing all of these women have in common is they smile, even during the worst times! Their strength and courage help keep me going when I get down.

We are asking all of our family and friends to watch and share the video. We have contacted Ellen's show already and gone through the proper channels. However, we really don't know if they will contact us. We need to be politely persistent and hope you can help spread the word by making this video go VIRAL! So, please take a moment to watch and share this inspiring piece!

Listen. If Sophia Grace and Rosie can get on Ellen for drinking tea in their tutus, then so can my Pink Sisters! Won't you help us realize our dream? Thank you so much!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Blog Where I say F*CK a LOT

You know what I hear a lot? These words:
"Your honesty is so refreshing!" 

People seem to love the raw, honest truth. I'm not so sure you are going to like hearing my following honesty and if you are offended by the F word, then you might want to find one of those mommy scrapbooking blogs to balance out all the naughtiness you are about to read. 

I do believe honesty is important 99% of the time. For example. I recently bought a dress which was very beautiful and at a great price.  This was for an upcoming wedding. When I tried it on in the store, I tried to convince myself that it looked good on me. Considering I'm dealing with a 35 lb weight gain, I thought this is the way my fat self was supposed to look. Something inside me didn't really love how it looked but I bought it anyway. I later tried it on for my friend Michelle, who should really get on "What Not to Wear" as a consultant. As soon as that dress was over my head, she said, "NO, that's not the right cut on you."  I have to say, for a split second, the truth hurt. But then I got over it. She was so right and then offered up one of her many dresses for me to wear to the wedding. She could have totally lied to my face (like the sales girl did), but a good friend is honest. I think everyone needs a friend like Michelle!

Having said that, I'm now going to be honest about my hair and how I feel about it. I fucking hate it. Yes, I fucking hate it, most of the time. Like 98% of the time.

Before it grew back, people would say: "You know, my friend had cancer and when her hair grew back it was so curly!" No SHIT SHERLOCK! I never heard THAT one before! Thank you for the heads up!! I did not know that it could grow back curly!

I'd like to respond to that statement sometime with:
"Yes, it's amazing how it grows back curly on my head, but did you know my pubic bush is poker straight?"

That'll fix 'em. What is up with that anyway? Pubes are supposed to be curly, dammit! Now it's like they fucking took up residency on my head!

I know what you are thinking and what you would say to me now. 
"Becky, you look elegant!"
"I think you are stunning"

I have just one question for you and please, take no offense.

Are you high? Do you REALLY think this hair do is pretty? Or are you saying that to make me feel good and you're just happy not to look at my bald head anymore?

(And where the fuck are my eyebrows?

A different friend named Michelle (also a Pink Sister), has often said, "No one would CHOOSE to have this hair do if they had hair! Do people think I had it 'done' like this?"  She is right, would you go to a salon and ask for "The Post Chemo Pubey Salt n Peppa Approaching Don King Curly" do? Does this hairdo show up in ANY hair magazine on the planet? If so, I'd like to see it. 

It's fucking ugly. It's not my color either. I used to be a strawberry blond. 

I feel bad complaining about something so vain and trivial like hair. Yes, I am grateful every fucking day to be alive when some of my Pink Sisters are truly fighting for their lives right now. I have hair and life guilt and I know many women feel exactly like me. They, too, hate their hair and feel guilty talking about it. Well, I'm giving you all permission to bitch and moan away. It's ok. Cancer has robbed us of most of what makes us feel "feminine". Now we feel, dare I say this word, Butchy. 

I got myself gussied up for the wedding the other night, doing my best to look like a girl. I look at the pictures of myself from that night and I just don't recognize me. I still have a hard time with this, I suppose.  

A few blogs ago, I wrote about "Loving myself, no matter what".  I still love myself, I just hate my hair. Does that make sense? 

Next year at this time, I'm sure I will look back on this blog and laugh. I will probably be complaining about something new, like how my hair is making me hot or it costs too much to cut!