Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How do you solve a problem like Ahnold?

Arnold is now the next one to come forward, not only revealing an adulterous affair but one that produced a love child. I put him in the same category as Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, and Jesse James. All of these men appeared to have it all and threw it all away. They could have all easily divorced if they were unhappy but instead, they cheated cheated cheated and now their spouses and children must endure constant painful scrutiny. As if the cheating part isn't painful enough.

I feel such fury when I hear these stories. Above named "men" should all be banished to an island together where they are forced to watch 24 hour reruns of male Brazilian waxing. And Carrot Top.

Why do spouses cheat? Laura Bush once said about her marriage to George and the rocky time of his struggles with alcohol, "Divorce is not in our DNA".

Is cheating in some people's DNA? If so, why do they disrespect their spouse to such an extreme level? Is it a cry for help? Are they "sex addicts"? Are they afraid of something?

Or are they just plain stupid? Here we have an educated actor/governor/bodybuilder promoting good health and exercise. And what does he do? He has unprotected sex with his household staff (who was already a mother). Has he heard of AIDS, Chlamydia, Herpes, HPV, Gonorrhea, and oh, the other side effect of sex? PREGNANCY?

Stupid stupid stupid.

To Maria and her kids, I pray for you all. You are the victims. You will prevail, heal and love again.

Arnold and the others, enjoy your time on the island together.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Free Fun

I'm one of those moms who doesn't believe you need to sign your baby up for pricey activities to ensure a healthy and enriching upbringing. Let's face it, there are a lot of programs available that were not around when we were little. Gymboree, Karate lessons for 2 year olds, Mandarin Chinese as a 2nd language for tots, and the list goes on.

I once read that the single most important thing you can do with your baby/child is READ TO THEM. That's it. And it doesn't matter what. You can read them the side effects brochure from your Xanax scrip if you want.

So, I always read to my kids. They will sit for hours on end with books (they take after Daddy). It's a beautiful thing.

There are other FREE things you can do with kids which will help them to use all their senses, exercise their bodies and brains and give you a needed outing as well.

1. Hit the local library. Here you will find story times for your tots, special art, music and science programs, all for nothing. Take advantage of free DVD rentals for you too!

2. Public playgrounds/Parks/Bike paths: Hopefully you live in a place where there is one of these. Fresh air, free exercise.

3. The supermarket. I know, I know, the Pea Pod delivery guy and you are FB friends. But taking babies and bigger kids to the market can be great fun (as long as it's not 10pm at night.) The produce section alone is an educational goldmine. Kids love to explore, touch and learn about new foods. It's pure eye candy for them! And it might inspire them to try something new, for once. It also teaches them to be patient while you shop. (Hey kid, this is life, deal with it!)
**However, if you really need a timeout, then go alone***

(If you are worried about what to do with a roaming baby/toddler once you get home with all the groceries, simply put them in a pack n' play or highchair, strapped in, while you tote all the goodies inside.)

4. Picnic in your backyard. Get the blankie out, lay out the lunch and punch. Just sit and listen to the birds, watch the butterflies, the clouds, play tag, turn on the Slip n' Slide. All free, all fun.

5. Check out MacaroniKid for local listings of many free events for kids.

6. Lastly, leave the guilt at the door if you wish you could afford to sign your kids up for xyz. They will not remember when they are 43. But they will remember the time you spent with them gazing up at the clouds, watching worms and baking cookies.

What kind of fun free stuff do you do with your kids? I know my list can use some company.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How I lost my friend to Facebook

I met her at the library. She was prego with her 2nd. Our boys hit it off immediately, as did we. We've been friends for 6 years now. Sometimes we go a few weeks without talking (and that always worries me, because usually something major is happening to her in that timeframe). She'll tell me after the fact in the most non-chalant way. Like the time she called me on a Monday and said, "Please don't get mad at me. I had a brain tumor removed on Friday".

Yes, I have never met anyone like her. The most calm, collected, patient, angelic, unique person I know. I am convinced she is otherwordly.

It took her a long time to get on the Facebook bandwagon. She dappled a bit and threatened to leave (like so many who have come before her). And now she is a Full Fledged FB Junkie. And because I am such an inspiration to her, she has now started her own blog. (Or is this a case of Single White Female: The Sequel?). Nah.

The girl blogs about 5 times a day. Yes, that's right. She used to be media shy and now she is a media......(wait, I just can't use a trampy word to describe her.) Between her FB updates and her blogs, is there really a need to talk to her? It's been a month since we talked on the phone. So, I called her today. And she responded to me via Facebook saying she was far too drained to talk.

Damn you Facebook, you stole her. The one who said she didn't have time for you. The one who felt you were getting in the way of "other energies" coming through. Was she really just using me before for my soup recipes?

Oh, and here's her blog . I hope you like it. I hear her daughter likes to dress her son in Hello Kitty underwear.