Friday, March 26, 2010

Jamie Oliver is My Hero

I am watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC. This poor man may as well try to climb Mount Washington in an ice storm wearing roller skates.

I am so furious, disgusted, and saddened when I see a program that showcases a world renowned chef from England trying to revolutionize how kids are eating in America's schools. How did it come to this? Why, all of a sudden do we need a superhero from England to rescue us? How helpless and clueless has this country become? Can we be saved? That remains to be seen.

His first episode is set in Huntington, West Virginia. He is taking on the monumental task of the resistant lunch ladies, children who can't even identify a potato unless it's in the form of a French fry, and a family who uses a deep fryer for every single meal. Jamie's goal is to bring the obesity crisis to the forefront and to revolutionize the school meals served to thousands of children every day.

This show is definitely not easy to watch, especially when you see just how much of the food is thrown away by the children. I have found myself screaming at the t.v. and crying for what Jamie is up against. I am so proud of him for his convictions as a chef and a parent.

There is so much blame going around. Do we blame the lunch ladies for preparing the food? Or the ones who mandate what's on the menu? Or, the food industry for producing high fat, high sodium, cheap, processed "food"? Better yet, do we blame the parents for letting the kids eat the cafeteria food? Why can't they make the kids' lunches? Are the parents too complacent? Shouldn't they question the status quo?

There are so many questions and not enough answers. But this I know: I think Jamie and anyone else who makes a stand about these issues is a big hero. I am still angry and feel now it's too little, too late and many kids' taste buds have been seriously brainwashed by fake food. And then there is the hopeful, idealistic part of me that wants to believe that the right people are watching this show and actually listening and taking action. I hope there is some major divine intervention and they all see the light before it's too late.


Kristen said...

I watched this also and had the same reaction. It made me sad, angry, and hopeful all at the same time. I just hope that through this amazing show people will learn to eat better. Children are not born nugget eaters! They will eat good food made by people with real ingredients if it's given to them!


You hit all of the bullets Becky. If more people asked questions, challenged authority, and took action, the world would be a much better place.