Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Hidden Dangers of Working from Home

I recently started working as a Virtual Agent. In case you don't know what this is, I basically work from home. I still do the same job but it's just at home, in my basement office. I was so thrilled to be given this opportunity since I work until 11pm and don't enjoy driving home late at night. Now I can just walk upstairs to my warm bed after my shift is over without dealing with a creepy security guard, cold car, and icy road conditions. So far it's really working out well!

With all the fringe benefits of working from home (spending less on gas, clothing and vending machines, getting to kiss my kids goodnight and so much more), there are several serious dangers of being a Virtual Agent (VA) that you may not have considered:

(Now the points below don't necessarily apply to me, per se....I'm just speaking hypothetically.)

The VA has the potential to start looking like a ragamuffin. This happens because the only places she frequents are Pricerite (where she fits right in), Trader Joes (where the Yoga Moms go and she doesn't fit in), Target, Cumberland Farms, and the bus stop. Yes, she needs to get out more.

Her roots start to show the gray again but there is no emergency to get them done. She finds herself wearing the same paint-stained blue sweats and hot pink fleece pullover for 3 days in a row and sees nothing wrong with it. Pajamas are underneath the clothes.

She might sell Mary Kay Cosmetics and has a basement full of makeup, yet she can't remember the last time she wore mascara. At one point, she looks in the mirror and looks like that girl in the Seinfeld episode. Do you remember the one where Jerry is dating this attractive girl but in certain lighting she turns ugly and super scary? Well, that's sort of what the VA looks like all the time...the girl with bad lighting.

The VA starts saying "God Bless You" to herself when she sneezes.

During her break time she often does the dishes, debones whole chickens, and makes the coffee for the next day. These aren't necessarily work hazards but what if she slips on some chicken fat? Would she be eligible for a Worker's Comp case?

Ok, gotta run. The roots need a little touchin' up.


Renee said...

You are hilarious.....I'm a virtual assistant and right now I am sitting here in my sweat pants, pajama top, hair not combed, teeth not brushed, etc. You know what I mean! Saw your blog listed today on the Foodie BlogRoll and will bookmark it to visit again soon. I'm not sure if mine will ever be featured but if you get a chance you can check it out at Thanks for the laughs today...Happy blogging!!!

Rebecca Nero said...

Thanks, Renee. We should form a special FB group for us VAs...LOL. I loved your blog too, keep up the great work : ). Hope you see this comment! Let me know if you do.