Thursday, January 17, 2013

MacGyver, Maxi-pads, and Marketing

Getting out the door in the morning is always an accomplishment. The kids are mostly on auto pilot but they still need some prodding.  Some days I wish I had the face of Nanny McPhee, pre 5 wishes, just to freak them out a little. 

When we finally make it to the driveway, I am hopeful that we are in the final stretch and we will reach our destination on time without me screaming or having to spit clean some one's face.  As much as you prepare for the unexpected though, some crisis will loom and you will be left to your own devices.

I am speaking of the frozen door lock.  The kind where no matter how hard you pull it up with your unmittened, frozen fingers, it's just plain stuck. Well, it happened last week and thankfully, the other car doors were OK so both kids climbed in on one side and we were only slightly late for school.

He's cute but could he get me out of this pickle?

So, I did what any sane mother would do. I pulled a maxi pad out of my glove compartment. (No, it was a new one, eww for even thinking it!)   I peeled off the backing and voila, I was ready to tackle my stubborn lock.

Maxine at work

I wrapped that sticky, Target brand Super with Front and Back Channels around that lock and BINGO, I was in business!  I grabbed hold of the frozen lock, and yanked that baby up. When my 5 year old asked me what it was, I just said "These are Lady products" and he dropped it. When my 9 year old asked, I told him, "Remember that thing that women get each month we talked about? Well, the thing they use, yeah, that." And he just gives me his smirk like he's heard enough. 

What's in your glove compartment? Flashlight? Car manual? Wet wipes? Frozen gummy snacks?  Pistol? Vodka?

Well, my dear women and men, you might want to add a Super Long Maxine to the mix because she just might save your ass on a cold winter morning.  And if the Pad People are smart, they should start marketing Lady's Days products in the Car Care aisle!

Call it the I-PadLock.