Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Metamucil for the home

"I love a good cleanin' out."   
                                                                                                                                                -My mother

Ginny is always right.  "Cleanin' out", in more ways than one, is very, very therapeutic.  If you are not cleaning out in the decluttering sense or the physical sense, you are sure to get backlogged in ways you can't even imagine.

I will spare the latter version of "cleaning out" for another day, perhaps when Dr. Oz runs another "Let's Examine Your Poop" show. For now, let's talk trash.

Lately, I cannot get through one day without cleaning out, throwing out, or donating away. I am a woman on a mission! And guys and girls, it feels sooo good.  My New Year's resolution was to get rid of at least 5 things every day. I have slacked but I'm back!

You see, there are some days when I walk around this house and start to feel weighed down by it all.  Just to set the record straight, we do not live like the Hoarders on TLC but our home is "lived in". As my pal Julie says, "A messy house is a happy house". Spoken like a true Mom of little ones! Keeping up with the messes they leave behind is like shoveling during a blizzard.  Why bother? (And as I just typed that I thought of a few people who actually do that. One also leaf blowed during Hurricane Irene, go figure.)

Somehow, we just accumulate things. I read somewhere that we humans do not use 80% of what we own. This is scary, sad, wasteful, and most of all eye opening.  I know people who swear by the adage, "Use it or Lose it" and it makes so much sense. If it doesn't serve a purpose in your life, why hang onto it?

We could live in a museum but really, how many kids enjoy going to museums? Sterile/stark houses scare the Willies out of me and I know that when kids aren't allowed to make messes somewhere in the house, they go berserk later in life.  Yup, it's true. 

And I can only blame the kids for so long. I am also part of the problem. I procrastinate. I like piles.  I don't even know the words to the "Clean up" song. I am screwed.

I read an interview with Jane Lynch (of Glee fame) and she talked about how she is such a neat freak and despised clutter. Instead of saving every little memento, like special cards from people, she kisses the item, says goodbye and then tosses it. I really love this method! However, I can't bear to toss anything my kids make me, so I hang onto those for safe keeping. (Investing in Rubbermaid is easier than learning to scrapbook at this stage.)

I have noticed that since I have made this resolution and have actually stuck to it, I feel a bit lighter and much happier. I think there might be more room in my brain for other things now too. You might say it's like a "Psychological Colonic".  Or, a Psycolonic. So, I am letting go of things, kissing them goodbye and moving on. I have consigned, donated, and yes, thrown things away. Still a long way to go, but I'm on the path to Spiritual Cleanliness.

Once again, Ginny was right. I too, love a good cleanin' out.

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