Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Growing Memories at Confreda Farms

In the year 2012, it seems we are sometimes lacking in the "Warm and Fuzzy Moments" department. Customer service isn't what it used to be and we're all so connected to technology, that we've become disconnected from the earth and ourselves. Bring back the Warm and Fuzzies of the world. I demand it!

Well, my recent trip to Confreda Farms helped to renew that spirit. I was lucky enough to be part of the V.I.P. ceremony marking Confreda's 90th year in business. WOW! Along with some local dignitaries and the 3 living generations of the Confreda family, I was honored to witness this beautiful milestone. We have been faithful patrons of Confreda's for years, so watching 3 of the 4 generations speak about what it took to get there reminded me of why it's so important to shop local and support our farmers. And because I grew up in a family dry cleaning business that survived 3 generations, I really appreciate all of the work this family has done to keep it thriving for so long.

Their reach is far and wide and not many people realize the impact of Confreda Farms. Did you know that Confreda's is one of the oldest and largest commercial vegetable farms in the state of Rhode Island? They truly are a staple in our house. It is our "go-to" place when our calendar is clear and we want the family to unplug and unwind for a bit. If you haven't been, you should take a ride some day. Take some time to roam around, sample some gelato, a cup of coffee or a fancy sandwich, shop the Garden Center for plants, shrubs, herbs, gardening supplies, flowers and trees. Shop for local wholesale produce and keep in mind, Confreda supplies local restaurants, schools and markets all over the state. One more reason to love them!

Depending on the season, there is always a free activity for you and the family and this is one of the things that makes me all Warm and Fuzzy inside! My son Luca was given a class assignment to write a story about what traditions his family holds near and dear and I am happy to report he chose Confreda's as his favorite family tradition. Whether it is a Family Farm Tour, a visit with Santa or the Easter bunny, pumpkin picking or just going to pick up a scrumptious pie, every time you go a new memory is made. When you visit Confreda's, be sure to check out their wall for Luca's family tradition story.

As a mom, it makes my heart smile to know that my kids appreciate the gifts Confreda's shares so freely with us. They are sharing 450 acres of land, trees, history, heritage, education and all that Mother Earth has to offer, on so many levels.

In the closing words of Luca's story, "I hope this tradition goes on forever and ever!". Well said, my dear. I couldn't agree more!

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Congratulations Becky for having your blog featured in the Confreda Farms enews. Also, kudos to your son for having his writing featured at the site. Will this be the genesis of a mother-son blogging team?

Becky's Big Bytes said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Sharon! We both love to write and we're always coming up with children's book ideas! So many ideas, so little time : ).