Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Have a Happy Mother's Day

Have you seen this photo on the cover of Time magazine?
I confess, I have not read the article inside but I've been told it's about "Attachment Parenting", you know the kind where you wear your baby in a sling until he's 17, you breastfeed until he's 13, and you sleep with him until he's doing Jello shots.

This cover has so many people up in arms. They are mad because she's pretty and hot. They are mad because she's nursing a pre-schooler in a sexualized pose. They are even madder because the kid is unsafely standing on a chair.

Aside from this clearly controversial picture, I think what is making me mad is simply the title.  Are You Mom Enough?  Do we really need you, TIME magazine to ask us this question when every day we Moms are asking ourselves this very question?  When is enough enough and when the hell will this guilt stop?

Which is why I am now resorting to Detachment Parenting. Dr. Sears  is all about keeping your babies close in many different ways. (As I just wrote that, my 8 year old starting velcroing himself to me once again and will not let me finish my darn sentence!)

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. My one request is to be as detached as I can possibly be from my kids, at least for one day. I will enjoy sleeping late, followed by a homemade breakfast with handmade cards, pipe cleaner flowers made out of tissue paper, mucho hugs and kisses, Chinese takeout later in the day, and perhaps a nap.  I don't want to be a referee, cook, chauffeur, maid, or detangler of any type of string, just for one day.

Before you judge and say I am a rotten mother and person and I should want to spend the entire day with my kids (wait, don't I already do that every single day?), sometimes it's too much and like all mothers, I need a break. I am extremely grateful to have what I have and trust me, I thank God every single day and night for them. (Isn't it awful that I feel the need to say that for fear of being judged by the Momosphere that I want a break once in a while?)

I wanted to laugh when I saw in our local newspaper that the Children's Museum is offering FREE admission to Moms on Mother's Day. Just what every Mom wants; to be in an enclosed building with OTHER people's kids, screaming and running around.  I was looking for the part about how there would be a private room for Moms and their foot massages but nothing doing.

To summarize: Detachment Parenting = Peace + Quiet on Mother's Day.
Enjoy : )

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