Friday, March 11, 2011

Frugal Fatigue Part 2. The Possibilities are Endless!

Saving money is serious business. Below is Part 2 of Combating Frugal Fatigue. (I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing series).

Remember, small changes here and there can add up to big savings in the long run. Think big picture.

1. If you wear contact lenses, try 1800Contacts. I have saved approx $30-$40 (compared to Dr. office prices, same name brand) for a year's supply. And to take it a step further: Stop wearing your contacts so much and wear your glasses more. If you are on the computer a lot (especially since you read my blog daily) you are prone to dry eyes. The glasses are a great way to give your eyes a rest and they make you look wicked smart. If you cut down on lens wear, you also save money on the ridiculously overpriced cleaning solutions.

The frames of today are so cute and trendy and I've been told that some people wear glasses even if they don't need to! What are you waiting for? I bought mine at JcPenney Optical. Check them out for some great coupon deals. I received excellent service there and love my new specs! (Note: This money saving method only works if you don't have eyes that are constantly changing. I happen to have the same Mrs. Magoo eyes since I was 13).

2. Thrift stores Save a suffering non-profit while shopping for treasures.

3. Lighten up on the gas pedal. Yes, we know you are in a hurry to schlep little Johnnie and Suzie to their baseball games and tutu fittings, but do you have to drive so fast and furious? Think about how much gas you are wasting every time you slam on that pedal. Let's go for a kinder, gentler foot, eh? Lighter foot= less road kill.

4. Use less....of everything. Do you really need 18 squares of toilet paper to wipe each time? Take a tip from my 3 year old. He uses 1 square each time (and if he doesn't rip the exact shape of a square, he has a conniption). Can you spare a square?

  • Use the lights less
  • Use your bath towels 3 times before you wash them.
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Take shorter showers
  • Stop wasting plastic zip bags for kids' snacks and instead use small plastic containers. The landfill will thank you too.
5. Forgo the "Snack Pack" mentality and make your own. Overpriced, more packaging, more waste, more "unnatural" food. Don't fall into their trap!

6. Wash your own car

7. Clean your own house

8. Cook your own food

9. Swap babysitting with friends so you won't have to pay a sitter. A win/win!

10. Check out this blog for more great suggestions on Sharing It Forward.

Please share your frugal tips. The best of the bizarre are welcome!


melissa said...

i will add: using the library, just not buying it (whatever it is). and let's all start offering each other free haircuts!

Becky's Big Bytes said...

Yes, I forgot the library! Thanks.
I'll cut yours if you cut mine!!!
Can you say Peter Pan meets Edward Scissorhands??

melissa said...

who gets to be the one that can fly? no running or flying with scissors! oh, and we will also have to develop a very cheap way to cover gray. bleach?

Becky's Big Bytes said...

That's a no brainer. You will do all the flying. I will do the bleaching!

SkiKnitter said...

I was with you until you said clean your own house! what in the world?? I may pay a housekeeper but I did just score $179 for 2 pairs of progessive bifocals at vision world. Great deal!! Speaking of hair cuts, I talked mom into coming to my house today and doing mine. I usually do the boys but she did theirs too. I figure I saved 150 between the 4 cuts + tips. She even gave us money!! (each of the boys got 5 bucks for sitting still)

SkiKnitter said...

cover gray!! ladies NO!!! embrace your gray it's your natural beauty!

Medifast Coupon Code 2011 said...

All great money saving tips!

Grace said...

Haircuts: First time I gave myself one (3months ago) my sisters complimented me and NEVER told them I DID IT myself up until two months later. Recently did it again. And used that $$$ for grocery and/or gas.

Debra Turner said...

Great ideas!

I wish I was talented enough to cut my own hair! I have successfully given other people trims. So come on by!!

Here's what I can do:
1. I use my bath towel more than 3 times. The norm is a week, but when I get busy, add a few days extra to the week. All I do is dry off a freshly showered body, how dirty can the bath towel get?

2. I cut a paper towel in half for small jobs. Sometimes you need a paper towel because it's more sanitary. However, whenever I can, I use a sponge and microwave it to kill germs.

3. I reuse aluminum fold to scrub pans.

4. Haven't done it yet, but this year I will begin replacing my plastic storage containers with glass. Remember those? Glass must be healthier than plastic.