Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fantasy Tax Deductions

Happy tax season to all! I happen to be sleeping with my tax man so our deductions are always documented very clearly. *Wink*Wink* (Yes, it's my husband who files ours each year, in case you are slow on the uptake.)

There's been some new talk about offering a tax credit for breastpumps to encourage mothers to breastfeed. While this seems like a genius idea to many, I am highly suspicious of grandpas, grandmas and 18 yr old boys going to Babies R'Us just to get the pump/receipt and sucking Uncle Sam dry once again.

This makes me think about what other deductions I'd like to see as they pertain to our household.

For the year 2011, I'd like to deduct the following. All living here rent free:

  • Legos

  • Hot Wheels cars

  • Fisher Price Little People

  • Megablocks

  • Stuffed animals (also known as "Mamauchies" by Nana Ginny)

  • Stickers

  • Crayons

  • Coloring books

  • Games

  • The Pet Rock named, you guessed it, "Rocky" who has been taking up residence in a yogurt container in the bathroom sink. He currently requires a regular dosage of ice to keep him alive.

  • The 5 Cox cable men who have bunked here for the better part of January.

And lastly:

Time spent shoveling snow, hearing people complain about the snow, looking at the snow, wondering how come they don't know how to drive in the snow, and how many cookies I baked (and ate) because of the snow.

What would you like to deduct this year? All fantasies welcome here!

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melissa said...

my mind won't let me think about taxes, but i loved reading. whenever we drive by the people dressed in statue of liberty costumes ren says, "look, mommy! those people think today is halloween." kai wants a real explanation about why they are standing there waving with blue faces in 10 degrees. so today i found myself talking about tea taxes and france. not sure if i remembered it right, though.