Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I don't post on Facebook. But want to.

1. I checked out an elderly lady in the locker room today. She had a really cute bathing suit on.

2. Weiner farts are the worst.

3. I have a crush on Christopher Plummer and Clint Eastwood, even though they could be my grampa. Is that icky?

4. The automatically flushing toilets at work scare the crap out of me.

5. I am done with my uterus

That's it. I'm sure you've been waiting a long time for a posting. But this is all I got.


melissa said...

hilarious. ren is VERY afraid of the toilet flushing sounds anywhere we go. she makes me stay behind (haha) and flush for her while she runs as far away as possible with her ears covered. is that what you do?

Becky's Big Bytes said...

But of course!! (Nicolas not a big fan either!!) LOL