Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook. I love you I hate you

Do you have a love/hate relationship with FB? I do! Redbook magazine estimated that women spend 13 hours a week on FB! That's like...a whole freakin day. On the puter, perusing, snooping, gaming, commenting, poking, joking, sarcastic'ing, farming. It's one of those things you do after you check your email. You innocently log on to FB and get dragged into yet another group, a chat, a few minutes to see what so and so is up to.

We all have so much to do, yet what are we doing? Virtually......nothing. Sure, we communicate (I use that word loosely) with each other and with people we haven't seen in 20 years. Suddenly we're asking our 'friends', "Did you paint the bedroom mint green or mocha locha chocolatte?

We're lying in bed at night wondering the following:
1. Did Karl get that tattoo he's been talking about?

2. Did Amy satisfy her marshmallow pregnancy craving?

3. Did Theresa get that rash checked out?

4. What kind of witty FB status update will I put next?

It's not just the status updates that lure you in. But it's also the groups you join where you can feel a real sense of camaraderie. For me, I will join a group that I feel extremely passionate about. Like the time I joined one called "I like to clean the lint trap out of my dryer", or the ones I've created; "I love Tom Jones", "People Against Chimps as Pets" or "Brad Pitt wouldn't date Bea Arthur, or would he?". There was even a group created by a friend called "I love Becky Nero Facebook Groups". Yup. I got some fans. There really is something for everyone on Facebook.

As much as I hate what a time sucker it can be (if I let it), there are so many things to love about it.

Exhibit A: Seeing my 74 year old mother post things like "You go Girl!" on some one's wall. To me, this sounds suspiciously like a Depends ad.

Exhibit B: FB is so good at alerting us when our friends are in crisis. Who has a flat tire, who's PMS'ing, who fainted during their mammogram, who went to their favorite bakery and they were out of zeppoles.

Exhibit C: It brings people together in ways not previously possible. I have found out about numerous fundraisers for so many people in need: Bone marrow drives, cookbook sales to benefit schools and diseases, flood and fire victims needing help. I do believe that as much as FB can be such a negative and toxic place with many hate groups, conversely there are so many people helping people. And that, I like.

Exhibit D: It's harmless entertainment and does wonders for the shut-ins (self included). If you have the right group of FB friends (not the ones bragging about their handbags and cars) but the ones who can poke fun at themselves, offer you some encouragement, share your common interests, then well, FB can be a happy place.

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Ginny said...

FB does have some advantages.. like staying in touch with people that you probably wouldn't contact on the phone and sharing pictures too. Please don't leave us, Becky.. We love reading your blogs.:) You would be definitely be missed on here!!!

melissa said...

omg. you are so funny, becky. i am just getting into this whole blogger thing. i love your style, and i will listen to this post by monitoring my time on puter! this from an anti-techno-turnsintobloggergeek!