Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bed Bath & Beyond: Part 2

In a recent October post, I bragged (a little too much) about returning my malfunctioning Tassimo coffee maker to Bed, Bath, & Beyond with no receipt, after 3 years. Triple B happily exchanged it for a brand new one. No hassle return policy works for me! As you'll recall, I was also given a $50 rebate form. Now, I thought it was pure madness that they would give me a rebate on something I technically didn't purchase, but I completed the rebate form anyway and a few weeks later I received my $50 check.

Now, I have to admit, I felt a little guilty receiving this check. It's not that I don't like freebies and deals, but something in me just felt like I was "bucking the system", so to speak. I wondered how many people make a living trying to cheat the system, thus driving up costs of other things.

So, what did I do with the check? I cashed it. But then I thought I should pay it forward to someone else. I bought 4 tickets for my family to see Bill Harley and Keith Munslow in concert to benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. The tickets were $12 each, totalling $48. Bill and Keith are amazing performers and are so generous with their time to help others in need.

There are so many people struggling all over. The Rhode Island Community Food Bank is in dire need this year. Thanks to people like Bill Harley and Keith Munslow, a great time was had by many families and in turn, families in need will hopefully get the food they need.

Paying it forward really does feel good. Please share any ways you like to pay it forward. I'd love to hear about your good little deeds.

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Anonymous said...

That was a good deed Ms Becky. I try to do good deeds every day... Sometimes we get a little selfish and forget that there are many unfortunate people out there.
When I'm all cozied in my bed at night I always think of the Homeless who are sleeping outside in this cold weather. I hope that God is watching over them.