Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Official, I have become my Mother....

Yes, it's true. I have become Ginny. Bought my first outfit at The Job Lot. Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this Rhode Island institution, they sell anything from Oriental area rugs, olive oil, pickled peppers, sponges, pajamas, underwear (all the way up to 3X),lightbulbs, poster boards, ladies days supplies, cereal, dressing, tuna fish, shower caps, books, canned anchovies, dishes, couches, toys, housecoats, candles, tools, hot rollers, duct tape, and more importantly, fine women's clothing. (BTW, my parents are loyal patrons of The Job Lot. How else could our family afford my dad's 45 year obsession with duct tape?)

I entered the store and immediately saw the sign, "Eddie Bauer Pants $10". I thought it was too good to be true but it turns out they really are EB pants! However, I have to say the stamp inside is a little suspect, what with the big, black Sharpie line running across it, as if to say, "No, you are not Eddie Bauer! BAM!" And why is there another stamp of "SHAW" right next to it? Are they related to Shaw's supermarket? Nevertheless, they had my size so I bought them. Also scored a blue matching EB top for 7 bucks. Outfit complete.

If you feel that clothes shopping at The Job Lot is beneath you, think again and get over yourself! You are totally missing out on some fab men's and women's fleece pullovers for $5-$10. Ladies Hanes cozy soft jammie sets, less than $8, seriously, many brand names and crazy sizes to boot! Cozy flannel lounge pants $5. Kids checker games, $1.99. So many toys, dirt cheap.

Isn't the money better in your pockets, even if those pants have been violated by Mr. Sharpie?


pizzatherapy said...

I've been to Job Lot. I have found some great bargains there...but you need to be selctive!
Job Lot is a Bargain Hunter's dream come true.
Thanks for the great info.

Sharon Ellen Burtman said...

What's the catch? Are these irregulars? Is this too good to be true?

Rebecca Nero said...

Sha, I didn't see many irregulars there and I don't see a catch. The return policy was 30 days with a receipt, nothing unusual.

Ginny said...

Hey Beck, I'm proud of you!!! I taught you well. :) The rest of the world needs to become more frugal with this terrible economy especially. Lots of Sparcones around!! LOL.. For those of you who aren't italian, Sparcone is word that is used describing people that are big showoffs.