Friday, September 28, 2012

I Don't Think You're Ready for this Jelly

I've been a little obsessed with canning and jarring food. You might say I am channeling my "Inner Rico" (my Grampa). He was a master at preserving food from his garden. His methods may have been a bit unconventional, like drying tomatoes and orange peels on the radiator but his end result was always superior. When it comes to canning, I guess it's not about the journey, it's about the destination!

My dear friends bought me a great cook book called PreserveIt and each page is bookmarked with the promise of a new treat in the house.  And I've discovered a great website called Food in Jars which is also feeding my new addiction.

So, I'm just giving you the back story before I tell you what happened to me at the gym last week.

I actually exercised! Yes, miracles do happen, every day apparently.

Following my 40 minutes on the treadmill, thanks to Frasier on the TV, I headed into the locker room to shower. The elderly swim classes had just finished and it was standing room only.  It was a whole room filled with inspiration to keep exercising. Just sayin'.

I waited and waited, and even gave up my space in line for a girl who was running late for an appointment. On this day, I had nothing but time. I continued to wait.

Finally, a shower opened up and a woman came out, clearing the way for me.  I settled my bag on the bench and turned the water on but I was not ready for what waited for me on the metal soap dish. Was I on Candid Camera?

Did you just rub your eyes? Yes, you are seeing straight. That right there is a jelly jar.  In case you cannot read the label, it says "THE MILLERS. PEPPER JELLY 2003".
Are you wondering why I took the jar? (I am too.) You see, this was SO bizarre, that I had to share it with someone. Thankfully, my friend Kristen was in the lobby waiting for me and I know she has a cool I-Phone (is that spelled right?) Anyway, she was all too eager to photograph the evidence/contrajam.

Just for the record, the jar was empty. There was no shampoo, soap or conditioner inside the jar.  No jelly either.

Was I scared to touch it? Yes! But my morbid fascination far outweighed the risk of contracting a rare Jelly Jerm.

So, some cute family (who I picture all wearing  matching Christmas sweaters), made some jelly together. They gave their precious preserves to family and friends. Little did they know their jam jar would end up traveling in and out of a smelly gym bag and  then onto its final destination: BeckysBigBytes

Miller Family, your jam has arrived!

(What's the strangest thing you've ever found in the gym locker room?)

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