Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finding Peace at the Farm Around the Corner

I had reached my I.Q last night. Yes, my Irritability Quota had been filled. My kids were just being kids, but for some reason, I had to get out. I felt like I was being smothered and suffocated. This happens on occasion and when it does, I try to hide in the bathroom. (You know you do it too, I can't be the only one). Thankfully, last night we were lucky to have something on the calendar so I wouldn't have to look at T.P.  A private farm tour at Confreda Farms was planned for CSA members. Just what the farmer ordered!

All I can say is, Confreda, your timing could not have been more perfect. We were treated to some light refreshments from the cafe and then hopped on the bumpy tractor and embarked on our journey. The farm is less than 10 minutes from my house, yet I felt like I was suddenly swept away to another time and place.  There is something magical about being on an open farm where all you see for miles and miles is green, green, green. 

Sunset on the farm. The icing on the cake!

Being right in the middle of where it all happens, how the plants are nurtured, and where our food is born evoked a serenity in me that quite honestly, I didn't know existed.  It was like Nature's Prozac, minus the dulling side effects.

And after 5 weeks of receiving my CSA share, I still light up like a Christmas tree each time. I keep thinking, "People who don't have this really don't know what they are missing. I want everyone to experience this!"

I've said this before and I'll say it again. It's not just getting "a box of veggies" each week. It's a box filled with so much more: The promise of a seedling, TLC, and 4 generations of hard work and determination against Mother Nature's unpredictable temperament.

All this time I had been trying to find my happy place by hiding in a bathroom or basement. Now, I just need to find my own tractor and run for the fields.

Mothers of the Corn.
 If these stalks could talk...
I'll be sending all my mom friends your way so that they too, can find their happy places.
Photo credits to my husband Bill, who finally eats beets. Thank you Confredas!

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Beautifully written!