Friday, October 29, 2010

Bed, Bath, & Beyond; You get my Vote!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a good deal on something. Well, who doesn’t nowadays? And even better than a good deal is getting great customer service. I will share my story and it will run shivers down your spine (well, it did to mine, that’s how excited I am!).

After baby Nicolas was born just over 3 yrs ago, I realized if I was going to survive the 2nd Baby Syndrome, I would need lots of coffee to get me through. Lots. During my hazy days with him, I found a new love in “fancy hot drinks”, like cappuccinos and lattes. The sleep deprivation was doing a number on me and these hot totties were my own personal "mommy crack". Since I am not the type to blow 5 dollars on a Starbuck's, I decided I would buy my husband a Tassimo hot beverage maker for Christmas (I am all for a gift we both can use), you know the one that makes coffee, tea, hot choc, lattes and cappuccinos? That one. It was love at first sight. Until it wasn’t. Long story short, it ended up under the kitchen counter so I wouldn’t be reminded of my laziness in a rehab attempt. The poor thing just collected dust for almost 2 years.

Occasionally, the Mr. would ask about it and every time he did, I felt like an unfit mother and wife. Until this week.

I went on to troubleshoot to discover that I might need to “descale” the machine. But the catch was I needed the cleaning disc (that came with the machine but sadly went missing) and a descaling solution. Was able to find these online cheaply but the shipping was going to total more than the order. Sorry. Not my cup of tea.

Next step. Drive to Bed, Bath & Beyond to ask a sweet salesgirl what to do. She then told me (are you sitting down?), “Just bring in the machine and we’ll replace it for nothing. No receipt or box needed.”

I nearly collapsed.

Not trusting this information one bit, I naively approached a nice sales boy. Same question. Same answer. “Absolutely, bring it back, no hassles return policy.”


(Stay seated.)

I went back to B,B&B today lugging my disabled machine and the little reason I purchased it back in 2007. I was then given a BRAND NEW model and a receipt.

The salesgirl then broke the worst news of all. “You also have a rebate inside.”

“OK”, I said meekly, and ran like the wind out of B, B& B (or as my mom calls it “Bed, Bath, Body and Beyond”)

Got home, unloaded 2 grocery stores full of food, and my brand new Tassimo Bosch. Inside the bag was a rebate form for $50. All I needed to do was return the rebate form, UPC and receipt.

Gulp. I do not deserve this. I just scored a new machine and a rebate too? I am still not so sure I should qualify for the rebate. I’ll let you know in 6-8 weeks.

And just one more perk. After registering the product on line today, I also got 2 free boxes of T-Discs for my BRAND NEW COFFEE MAKER.

I am super impressed by Bed, Bath, Body & Beyond's return policy. I had NO idea this existed. The bottom line is, you can return anything if you are not happy with it or it doesn’t work properly. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

And now, we’re back in business here at Café Nero! Would you like a biscotti with that?

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Anonymous said...

LOL, love the story and especially the outcome!!! Good for U!!! I've always liked Bed Bath & Beyond. Now it's really my favorite store. The heck with Linens N' Things. :)