Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick-or-Treat, Smell my Feet

The other night we had our friends, Mark & Mia over for sup. After the kids went to bed, we got a little giggly thinking about the suckiest things a kid could receive in his/her trick-or-treat bag.

What started as a top ten list turned into a monster. You may have to relocate the fam after giving out any of the following to your neighborhood goblins:
  1. Sweet & Low packet
  2. pennies in a plastic sandwich bag
  3. religious pamphlet
  4. a Cheez-it
  5. dental floss
  6. staples
  7. Chapstick
  8. apple
  9. Dum Dums
  10. Communion wafer
  11. your old hockey trophies
  12. circus peanuts
  13. 1 Uno card
  14. a rock
  15. Fortune cookie
  16. 1 shoe lace
  17. leftover Pink Peeps
  18. a can of chick peas
  19. 1 Pez
  20. empty bubble wand
  21. an enema
  22. pierogis
  23. a raw pumpkin seed, pulp attached
  24. fire safety booklets
  25. a raisin
  26. pine cones
  27. baby carrots
  28. Feenamint
  29. dog biscuits
  30. 1 orange Tic Tac
  31. anti-bacterial soap
  32. a Mentos
  33. can of sardines
  34. a ball of dryer lint
  35. 1 cheese ball
  36. ketchup & mustard packets
  37. a peanut
  38. used tea bags
  39. broken crayons
  40. hemorrhoid cream
  41. lighter fluid
  42. push pins
  43. H1N1 symptom list
  44. the list of approved snack items from their school

If you think of any other great give-aways, do share below!

1 comment:

Gina said...

I suppose the "fat note" from the woman in South Dakota would be pretty horrible, but not at all funny. I like the idea of colored condoms!