Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How I lost my friend to Facebook

I met her at the library. She was prego with her 2nd. Our boys hit it off immediately, as did we. We've been friends for 6 years now. Sometimes we go a few weeks without talking (and that always worries me, because usually something major is happening to her in that timeframe). She'll tell me after the fact in the most non-chalant way. Like the time she called me on a Monday and said, "Please don't get mad at me. I had a brain tumor removed on Friday".

Yes, I have never met anyone like her. The most calm, collected, patient, angelic, unique person I know. I am convinced she is otherwordly.

It took her a long time to get on the Facebook bandwagon. She dappled a bit and threatened to leave (like so many who have come before her). And now she is a Full Fledged FB Junkie. And because I am such an inspiration to her, she has now started her own blog. (Or is this a case of Single White Female: The Sequel?). Nah.

The girl blogs about 5 times a day. Yes, that's right. She used to be media shy and now she is a media......(wait, I just can't use a trampy word to describe her.) Between her FB updates and her blogs, is there really a need to talk to her? It's been a month since we talked on the phone. So, I called her today. And she responded to me via Facebook saying she was far too drained to talk.

Damn you Facebook, you stole her. The one who said she didn't have time for you. The one who felt you were getting in the way of "other energies" coming through. Was she really just using me before for my soup recipes?

Oh, and here's her blog . I hope you like it. I hear her daughter likes to dress her son in Hello Kitty underwear.

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melissa said...

oh, becky, i can't tell you how touched i am by this beautiful post. you are indescribably amazing, and i feel sad for anyone who has not had the chance to befriend you. all my love to you.
p.s. i was only using you a little bit for your soup recipes. mostly, i was using the soup recipes to get to YOU.