Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reclaiming My Power

I've spent a lot of time talking and writing about my physical and emotional breast cancer journey over the last 18 months. I think it's time to move on, although I can't promise that I won't regress and need to vent about my plus-sized body or how my bionic boobs still freak me out. The (not so) funny thing about the breast cancer journey is it truly never ends. But I will say I am in a much happier and peaceful place than I was just 6 months ago. Hallelujah!

The last two years have been wrought with vulnerability and loss of control. I decided that for 2015, I'm going to talk more about prevention, detection and reclaiming my power.

I think that out of all of the human conditions, the feeling of powerlessness has to be the worst one. We've all experienced it; whether it's having to wait for a computer to cooperate while we are in the middle of a project, working in a job we feel stuck in, or (so much worse), watching a loved one suffer and there is nothing we can do to ease their pain. And then, there is the powerlessness over one's own condition, like being given a brutal diagnosis for which there is no hope.

Loss of power can leave us feeling helpless and fearful. Constantly. It is a horrible way to exist.

The beautiful thing about surviving a cancer diagnosis (for me, anyway), is that I now feel powerful. Who knew? In my world, there is nothing that I cannot do. My mind is no longer limited by my insecurities and fears. There has been a definite shift in my thinking and I am determined to live my life, going forward and in a state of power. No more fear.

I'm sharing all of this with you to plant the seeds for my upcoming blogs.  I've learned so much over the last year about two very important topics:

1. Toxic chemicals in household and beauty products
2. Dense breasts and why you need to know more about them

These topics are completely unrelated but writing about them and sharing what I know is super important to me. As I have been so immersed in the breast cancer community, I am aware (on a daily basis) of women my age and so much younger, who are dying of breast cancer. I'm so damn tired of it. I'm so deeply sad about it. And, I feel powerless about it and you know, I cannot feel this way any longer.

I am going to use my power of knowledge now to spread the type of awareness that is real and necessary.  And if I could ask a favor of anyone who reads this, it would be that you share this blog with everyone you know.

Be powerful.


Lori Gibson said...

You got it right, powerlessness is like a cork bobbing on the ocean. It feels so right to reclaim the power!


Happy to see you writing again and like the topics about which you will be writing.

My karate teacher would always tell us that we are stronger than we know.

It's vital that we all dig deep and know that G-d only gives us challenges that we can handle.

I'm so proud of you.