Friday, September 9, 2011

Lessons from Irene

1. There are people who drink and eat during the storm while there are people who will blow their leaves and mow, during the storm.

2. There are people who embrace the darkness, the lack of technology, and the dinners by candlelight with friends. And there are people who call a.m radio b*tching about not having electricity while their generators are humming.

3. If you know a hurricane is coming, just eat all the ice cream and get it over with.

4. You will continue to walk into a room even after seven days with no power, and still try to turn on the lights.

5. Your children will not even notice that there is no operating television

6. You will hear a.m radio caller say something like this: "I'm not calling to gripe like everyone else is about the electricity. I got my generator. I got my pool. What I'm worried about is, what exactly do they plan on doing about the hornet problem in my yard?"

7. You and your peeps will be huddled around a.m radio by candlelight. This will be your sole source of entertainment and you all make a pact to make it a weekly ritual, even long after the power returns.


Debra Turner said...

Glad you go through it! We were bracing for the storm, but NYC was spared, thank goodness.

The night before the storm was supposed to hit, I decided to buy a loaf of bread and had to settle for a pound of the mini party rye slices, the only bread left. I discovered it is delicious with cheddar cheese.

Becky's Big Bytes said...

Sounds delightful Debra!! Glad you did not suffer the after effects like they thought....