Thursday, June 3, 2010

Drooling, Wake Night with Hubby and other signs it's time to get out

As a partially SAHM (stay at home mom, yes, it's a stupid term!), and part-time worker, I, like many other moms out there don't have a lot of "alone" time with me, myself and I, or with my husband.

Below are some signs that it's time to get out, either with your spouse or just you, yourself, and you, for some fun or serious adult interaction:

1. While checking out at the local Cumberland Farms you strike up a 10 minute conversation with the cashier about the upcoming "Free Slushies on Fridays". You tell him how much you enjoy "Freebie Fridays" and he starts telling you that only one out of every 50 customers cleans up after themselves near the Slushy machine and he HATES "Freebie Fridays." You promise him you will not make a mess when you get your free slushy and you really hope his Friday is not so bad.

2. You start a blog, a Facebook Fan page, and numerous other non-sensical FB groups to amuse yourself.

3. You look forward to that annual gyno appointment just so you can be alone in the examining room twiddling your thumbs and drooling while you wait an hour for your ObGyn doc to appear. Paper robe is optional.

4. Perusing the card aisle at CVS is the most fun you've had in a while. Have you seen all those musical cards? They are a hoot!

5. Your "Date Night with Hubby" is actually "Wake Night with Hubby". This happens when you and your spouse haven't been out alone together, except for the unfortunate wake you must attend. Sadly, you enjoy Wake Night with Hubby.

Ok, I think it's time to call a babysitter now....


Anonymous said...

Ok, Beck... Get out your dancing shoes and make a date w/hubby. Make sure that you give your babysitter enough time to plan your night out.

Sharon E. Burtman said...

A humorous blog for sure but even funnier because the examples that you give are true (at least to a degree!)