Monday, October 3, 2016

Viagra Commercial Fatigue. Oh, it's real!

 I have Viagra Commercial Fatigue (VCF). Here it comes....

I simply cannot take it any longer. Whether I'm drinking my morning Joe while watching Morning Joe on MSNBC, watching a basketball game on ESPN with my 9 year old, or listening to the nightly network news at 6:45pm in the evening, odds are 110% that I will see at least one Cialis or Viagra commercial.

I realize that the pharmaceutical industry basically owns our T.V stations now and during any show, whether it's the news or your favorite sitcom, you cannot avoid a pharm-mercial. I get that people have Psoriasis, GERD, Cancer (hello!), severe anxiety and depression, Crohn's disease and even toenail fungus. These commercials, I can handle.

However, judging by the number of Cialis and Viagra commercials on the telly, one would think that E.D (I refuse to spell out the words this stands for because I am scared that my blog will be flagged for inappropriate content.) is a national health crisis.  Are THAT many men suffering from E.D on the planet that it warrants commercials starting from early in the morning during my morning news cast? Why must we be subjected to hearing the words "er*ction" and "sex" while we are sending our little ones off to school? I'm just waiting for my 9 year old to ask, "Mom, what's an Er*ction?"

Shouldn't they be in the tub together?

"Having my nether regions harnessed up is such a turn on!"
It just has to STOP.  It's morning, noon and night. It's unnecessary, tacky, and inappropriate. It is NOT a national health problem.

You know what kind of REAL problems women are having nowadays but none of the pharma companies will talk about in the same scope as Viagra? (And none of us are complaining out loud because we just suck it up and deal with it!)
1. Vaginal dryness
2. Vaginal Atrophy
3. Loss of bladder control
4. Loss of sexual desire

Having said that, do you really think we want our men to "last" for a long time?

No, no we don't.